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"Barry Louis Polisar has been creating and performing kids' music longer and more consistently than anybody else I am aware of--and he has been more successful doing that than just about everybody else in the field. Barry celebrates the way that kids are, not the idealized way that grown-ups want them to be. It's no wonder that kids have made Barry so popular for so long. He speaks to them like no other writer."

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Barry's Original Archival Recordings

Recorded on a limited budget over thirty years ago, Barry's original recordings are now available on CD. These recordings are rougher than the current CDs; fans who grew up with these albums seem to prefer them while recent fans seem to prefer the newer recordings. Please order from iTunes, or this web site.
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I Eat Kids
and Other Songs for Rebellious Children

My Brother Thinks He's a Banana and other Provocative Songs for Kids

Naughty Songs for Boys & Girls

Captured Live and in the Act

Songs for Well Behaved Children

Stanley Stole My Shoelace and Rubbed it in His Armpit and Other Songs My Parents Won't Let Me Sing

Off-Color Songs for Kids

Family Concert